“Africa Insight!” – After the coup: Troubled times in Sudan

Eventaufzeichung vom 2. Dezember 2021

The Afrika-Verein organized „Africa Insight!“ - After the coup: Troubled times in Sudan on December 2nd, 2021. At the end of October, the Sudanese military under General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan ousted the interim civilian government that had been installed after the fall of dictator Omar al-Bashir and brought a halt to Sudan's transition to democracy. Since the coup by al-Burhan, protests by the Sudanese people against the new regime have continued.

How did the putsch happen? What does the military under al-Burhan aim at and what are the demands of the civil society? What impact does the coup have on the country's economic situation? How can a political solution look like? And what do the developments mean for other countries in the region? Together with Kholood Khair, Managing Partner of Insight Strategy Partners, Khalid Ali, Executive Director of the European Chamber of Commerce in Sudan, and Dr Gerrit Kurtz, Non-Resident Fellow at the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin, we addressed these questions and exchanged views.


Geschäftsführer: RA Christoph Kannengießer

Berit Bürger · Projektmanagerin der Afrika-Verein Veranstaltungs-GmbH
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