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“We want to make it easier for German companies to enter the African market”


Interview with Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz read more

Africa - A continent of opportunities

The German-African Business Association (Afrika-Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft) supports German businesses with their involvement on the African continent. Members profit from our decades-long experience in Africa related issues and a wide network in Africa, Germany and the world. Click here please to become a member.

The Association was founded in 1934. Now, in 2019 we have over 550 members. Our members are mainly German, but also African incorporations, institutions and private individuals. The Afrika-Verein offices are situated in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany. 


The Afrika-Verein's main responsibilities include the organization of events, such as forums, conferences, and business summits, the channeling of contemporary information regarding economic and political issues in Africa, as well as the advocacy of our members.

Facts about the German-African trade

The African continent is the last major growth market. Many African countries have been among the top growth markets worldwide for several years. According to the World Bank forecast 2019, some of the fastest growing markets are in Africa. All of sub-Saharan Africa market is expected to grow by 3.4 percent, exceeding the global growth forecast of 2.9 percent.


Foreign Trade between Germany and Africa  

Export: 22.64 billion euros

Import: 22.47 billion euros  


Total of the German-African foreign trade: 45.12 billion euros

Around 1,000 German companies operate in Africa, which created around 200,000 jobs.