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aw - afrika wirtschaft


The aw - afrika wirtschaft is the membership magazine of the German–African Business Association (Afrika-Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft) and is published every two months.The magazine reports on association events, political issues, provides backrounds and analyses and releases interviews with important personalities. The analyes show the opportunities and risks of the african markets and inform about interesting sectors. The authors are academics, experienced entrepreneurs, politicians and staff members of the German-African Business Association.

Current Edition


Overview of the issues


aw-afrika wirtschaft special edition/2018
G20 Investment Summit
German Business and the CwA Countries
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aw-afrika wirtschaft 2018/3
Falas Portugues?
Ein Heft über das portugiesisch-sprachige Afrika/ The Portuguese-Speaking Africa Issue
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aw-afrika wirtschaft 2018/2
Autos für Afrika / Cars for Africa
Warum die Automobilindustrie eine Afrika-Strategie braucht / Why the automotive industry needs an Africa strategy
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