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The Afrika-Verein has an extensive network of contacts among African governments, chambers of commerce, trade associations and other economic and business institutions.  The Afrika-Verein has signed cooperation agreements with approximately 25 African organisations.



The Afrika-Verein is one of the founder members of EBCAM, the European Business Council for Africa and the Mediterranean. EBCAM is the umbrella organisation of European enterprises interested in doing business with African countries and fostering business ties between Africa and Europe.  From its base in Brussels, EBCAM contributes to the formulation of European-African economic and development policy.

The Afrika-Verein is the German representative of the Centre for Development of Enterprise (CDE), which is based in Brussels.

Moreover, the Afrika-Verein is regularly involved in EU projects and conferences.

Within Germany, the Afrika-Verein works closely with the government - including the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economics and Technology and the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development - as well as with chambers of commerce and trade associations.  In cooperation with these institutions, the Afrika-Verein organises conferences and seminars and ensures that initiatives are implemented and followed up.

The Afrika-Verein is a leading participant in two major African initiatives of the German private sector, namely

- SAFRI, the Southern Africa Initiative of German Business

- NMI, the North Africa and Middle East Initiative of German Business.

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