indeed Africa! – The Young Business Network

Indeed Africa! – The Young Business Network is an initiative which aims to support the next generation of businesses and managers in Germany and on the African continent through our extensive network.

The network aims to connect young business and political professionals with each other, as well as with our existing member base. This initiative is intended to promote the exchange of ideas between upcoming leaders from Germany and African nations and to use these connections to help find new solutions for existing challenges.

Indeed Africa! members will be invited to special events and connected with relevant contacts.

  • You would like to found a company which could have a positive effect on the social landscape of a country? – At Indeed Africa!, you will meet the relevant administrators, as well as investors who could back your idea.
  • You’ve done business on an African market, but were met with obstacles? – Speaking with the relevant ambassador may help you overcome them.
  • In contrast, it would certainly be of interest to African start-ups to see what Germany has to offer in terms of business partners, additional funds, or even as a potential market for your product.


You can find out what else the network has to offer from

Nicolas Annan

Project Assistant