SMS group GmbH sells rolling mill to Fabrimetal Sénégal

Happy faces at the signing of the contract – we are pleased to announce Fabrimetal Sénégal ordered a brand-new rolling mill from us – this project also represents the first collaboration between SMS and MMD Group. To be located in Dakar, Senegal, the mill is designed for an annual production capacity of 350.000 tons. Fabrimétal aims to produce straight bars in bundles and wire rod coils, to be sold in both local market and to be exported to the neighbor countries.

The project has one major goal: Becoming the new reference benchmark for the market, in terms of high technology, quality, efficiency and low operational costs in Africa. This is achieved, among other things, thanks to the #HSD (High Speed Delivery System) allowing for a faster ROI and the high-speed finishing block minimizing the operational cost.

The entire plant will be controlled by SMS X-Pact (Process Automation Control Technology) solutions, integrating billet handling and combustion control for the reheating furnace, tension automatic loop control, rolling mill monitoring with maintenance and diagnostic supervisor. The #digitalready approach enables immediate implementation of digital solutions based on harmonized data processing.

SMS group is supplying the re-heating furnace, rolling mill for straight rebar, wire rod line and water treatment plant.

Source: SMS group GmbH