Period poverty? How menstruation products can empower women in Africa, online Workshop

Eventaufzeichung vom 9. Dezember 2021

Afrika-Verein in collaboration with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH within the framework of Invest for Jobs invited to the online workshop “Period poverty? How menstruation products can empower women in Africa” on December 9th, 2021. This workshop aims to gather relevant stakeholders like German and international companies, NGOs as well as African initiatives to create awareness about this topic and to develop sustainable and feasible solutions to support girls and women to overcome period poverty.

According to the African Coalition for Menstrual Health Management (ACMHM) 25 percent of Ethiopian girls do not use any period products, while in Uganda 50 percent choose reusable materials for instance. In Sub-Saharan Africa girls often do not attend school during their period or drop out of school when they start having their period due to a lack of sanitary products, fear of potential period mishaps and inadequate means of managing their menstruation. The lack of menstrual products – often combined with inconsistent access to water and sanitary facilities – can lead to period poverty and inequality in job and education.


Geschäftsführer: RA Christoph Kannengießer

Berit Bürger · Projektmanagerin der Afrika-Verein Veranstaltungs-GmbH
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