"A Green Deal with Africa? Innovation for a Carbon-Neutral Economic Transformation"

March 25th – 26th, 2020, Hotel Sofitel Hamburg Alter Wall 

The 14th German-African Energy Forum focuses innovative solutions for a carbon-neutral economic transformation of the African continent. 

In addition to discussing whether a carbon-neutral industrialization can be achieved and showcasing German-African lighthouse projects as first milestones in the realization of such a transformation, the conference will also focus on specific renewable energies such as hydropower, power-to-x, green energy solutions for local value addition and the scaling up of off-grid energy solutions. 

Program Highlights 2020 are among others: 

• High Level Outlook: Africa’s Green Deal? – Can a Carbon-Neutral Industrialisation be Achieved?
• German-African Flagship Projects as a Stepping Stone Towards Africa’s Green Deal
• Africa’s Hydropower Future – Which Role will Hydropower Play in the Low-Carbon Future of Africa?
• Power-to-X: What is Africa’s Role in the Global Green Deal?
• Promoting Value Chain Development: Green Energy Solutions for Local Value Addition
• Scaling-Up Renewable and Off-Grid Energy Solutions
• Innovative Financing Solutions for Energy Projects in Africa

 Join us for a discussion on these and other interesting topics!

Dokumenten Downloads:

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